4 Crucial Lessons I Learned About Manifesting The Life I Wanted

Just like everybody else, I tried to manifest my goals for many years with little success.

Maybe I did not believe that I could pull it off, or maybe I was just not committed or disciplined enough to get it done.

Whichever way, I certainly tried and tried and tried. And I got there eventually. And what was more gratifying is the fact that the whole experience was laden with priceless gems of wisdom.

After all, was Eleanor Roosevelt who opined that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I learned that manifesting my dreams needs a lot more than just a hope and a prayer, and these are the lessons I want to share today.

1. Focus, Focus, Focus

I think this is by far the biggest tipping point for success or failure. You need to know what you want, and come back and focus on it every day.

Remind yourself what you want, constantly visualize how it will feel once you’ve got it.

This is why writing down your goals, and reading them every day is a must! If you don’t write it down, and you don’t constantly refer back to it, will you really get there?… or will you even remember what “there” looks like?

The day I started seeing measurable progress was when I wrote down my 4 main goals and made sure I read them every single day.

Due to past failures, I got myself a calendar, and marked off every day once I had read and visualized my goals. That’s how I focused, and that’s how I succeeded with my goals over the past year and a half.

2. Belief

William James once pointed out that we should ‘believe that life is worth living and our sense of belief will make our conviction true’. How truer can things get? The reality here is that we under-estimate the power of our own beliefs. As a result, we have all this negative energy swirling around us, asking for audience, and all it does is extinguish our power to manifest life. It took me a while, but I eventually became the biggest believer in my vision.

3. Establish a system and follow it

You see, the fact that a particular strategy worked for someone else is not enough assurance that it will work for you. The direction your life should take is not etched in stone. Think about what inspires you and carve out an existence out of it. It could have something to do with a book you read, an author who inspires you or even a thought that keeps pushing itself to the fore. Follow that system and remember, our choices usually become our habits.

4. Track your own progress

I like setting my own goals and revisiting them every single day, and it can work for you too. Keep a wary eye on your own development because the path to manifestation needs discipline and accountability. Be your biggest critic and allow others to evaluate you. Above all, take advantage of daily affirmations and see yourself as having achieved what you want in life and you

will surely get there.

Remember, the road to success and personal fulfillment is fraught with challenges, but should you take the right steps, the pieces of the puzzle will start falling in place in a way you never imagined. Take challenges in your stride, believe in yourself and have fun while at it.

The 4 Most Potent and Change-Making Law Of Attraction Books That Pushed Me Along My Journey

One of the most important lessons I have learned in the past year and a half is to “Learn From The Masters”.

By doing so, you expose yourself to the best and most effective systems, and you get progress happening fast.

This is applicable to any field. If I want to learn about dog training, I read Cesar Millan, if I want to learn how to trade stocks, I read the works of William O’Neil.

During my journey I have constantly immersed myself deeper in the words of great motivation and law of attraction writers. Below are my top 4. If you want to kickstart your progress, look no further than these.

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

In my opinion, this is the granddaddy of all the “principle of attraction” books. It is the first book I have read on the subject. The great thing about this book is that its mostly directed by Andrew Carnegie, the poor boy that made himself an industrial tycoon.

I love this book. The lessons that you find in this book are golden. However, be prepared for the fact that this is a book that was written decades ago, and the flow of books back then was different compared to the norms of today.

In saying that, this book is a goldmine to help you get your head around the principle of attraction. The book never stresses about working harder, but work on attracting what you want to succeed.

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne

I read this book before it became really big. You can attribute the book’s popularity explosion to Oprah. She did a focus on it and the popularity went off the roof. Also, Oprah herself is a big believer of the book.

In all of its essence, The Secret is much similar to Think And Grow Rich.

The major difference is that it flows better and it’s a lot easier to read. You can easily digest the lessons.

Needless to say, I gained better application of the “principle of attraction” because of this book.

Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews

This is not a major publication like the others mentioned in this article. However, this is probably the best practical course for the “principle of attraction”.

For me, the course is a natural progression in learning about the subject. It really helped me a lot in applying the major lessons of the “principle of attraction” to my daily life.

This book also comes with access to an audio version of the book, read by the author. I personally love listening to audio books as it meant I could listen every day while driving to work.

How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This is one of the classics in any self-help section. The basics of the book are pretty much in the title.

It is said that at least 80% of your success is not tied to your technical skills or specialized knowledge, but rather on your communication skills. This is one of the biggest reasons why I developed my communication skills to the best I can.

I can honestly say that this book helps tremendously when it comes to communicating with other people, and helps to shift your focus to how other people respond to your actions.

The things I learned from this book allowed me to create quicker rapport with new acquaintances and build better relationships.

That’s it. Those are my 4 top books in the subject. After going through these books, I can honestly say I am confident in applying what I have learned, and my life has never been this good before. Each has helped me to achieve my goals, and I continue to reference each of these books as I set bigger and bigger goals.

Note: Something someone told me was the power of re-reading your most influential books. This is so true. I have read all of these books at least twice (I’ve actually read How To Win Friends And Influence People about 6 times). Each time you read, or each time you go back and reference something, you’ll pick up on something new, see something in a different perspective, or see a different way that it applies to your current goals. Never be afraid to re-read!

Got a book you love? Tell me about it in the comments below!

3 Best Modern Day Motivational Speeches

Speech has to power to unite, to convince, and to energize.

But a great speech is more than just words. It’s a haystack of words and context and delivery that, together, create energy that inspires and motivates the listener to believe or act upon emotion.

Below are 3 of the top motivational speeches I’ve come across. Share your favourite speeches in the comments below.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Motivational Speech – including his 6 rules of success

Discard any preconceptions you have about Arnold Schwarzenegger and listen to this speech!

Arnie’s thought process will reveal exactly why he had the energy to win Mr Universe, create one of the most recognizable Hollywood characters in history, then become a successful writer, businessman, philanthropist and politician.

2. Les Brown – You Gotta be Hungry

This is a slightly longer speech from one of the most amazing, inspiring, and strong speakers I’ve heard in my life.

Les Brown’s speeches are less well known than our number 1, but will spark something powerful within you!

Sit down for an entertaining and empowering 40 minute session, or load the video up on your Iphone and listen in snippets.

I personally have listened to this one over 10 times, and gain something new every time.

3. J.K. Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Speech

This is a funny, witty, and inspiring speech by possibly this extremely influential author.

Entitled “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination,” this is a humble, emotional, and inspiring talk about life and the life lessons that we can turn into success.